Global lithium battery recycling rate exceeded expectations, China and South Korea accounted for more than 70 percent

Global lithium battery recycling rate exceeded expectations, China and South Korea accounted for more than 70%; how to calculate the cost of new energy vehicle lithium battery?

According to a survey conducted by the Swedish Energy Agency, the recycling rate of lithium-ion batteries in the world far exceeds expectations. China and South Korea have become emerging leaders in the lithium battery recycling economy.
Although it is widely believed that the recovery rate is significantly higher than 5%, for those in the industry who understand the global battery industry and battery recyclers, it is clear that the battery recovery rate is far more than 5%. In fact, many companies in China and South Korea are recycling lithium-ion batteries.

More than 300 preliminary studies have been conducted on the separation and recovery of used batteries and cathode materials worldwide. 70% of the research was carried out by battery manufacturers in China and South Korea, and all active materials (including metallic lithium) can be recycled efficiently.



This survey report provides some interesting findings and is published upon request, including:

1 The battery in a portable device needs to be classified, which can be very time consuming. The recycling and utilization of energy storage systems and electric vehicle batteries for the grid requires a higher level of skill.
2 In Sweden's battery applications, only about 16% of the batteries are recycled at the end of their useful life, well below the country's 95% target. The low recovery of lithium-ion batteries in Europe does not mean that global battery recycling is very low.
3 In 2018, nearly 97,000 tons of lithium-ion batteries will be recycled worldwide, including about 67,000 tons in China and 1,800 tons in South Korea.
4 More than 50 companies worldwide recycle lithium batteries. Except for China and South Korea, other companies are from the European Union, Japan, Canada and the United States.
5 More than 30 companies in China recycle battery waste and generate waste. According to the survey, the technology used by these companies is almost all hydrometallurgical technology and produces cobalt sulfate.
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