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  • [Low Speed EV/Golf cart/Cleaning car/RV] Why we recommed the Lithium battery for your RV?

    What are RV Battery Inverters, Converters And Chargers?RV Battery InvertersTransforms DC → ACMakes wall plugs usefulPermanent/wired-in installation may be factory installed or aftermarket modificationRV Battery ConvertersTransforms AC → DCRecharges a batteryPermanent/wired-in installation may be fac

  • [Blog] Lifepo4 VS Lead Acid battery

    Here are some Benefits to using LiFePO4:Higher capacity for the same physical size of lead acid.Can be discharged to 90% vs lead acid or AGM recommended 50% depth of discharge.Can be discharged at high current rate without losing Ah capacity vs lead acid which can be reduced to 40% Ah rating at high

  • [Energy storage System] NV Energy plans to purchase 338MW battery energy storage system

    China Energy Storage Network News: According to foreign media reports, the US utility company NV Energy recently released an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for the procurement of three solar + energy storage projects and one large-scale transmission line project in Nevada. Jiang hopes that the proje

  • [Blog] How to make battery pack solution for electric bike ?

    At TLH battery, we provide solutions related to custom electric bike battery to our clients. These customers are within the geographic region of Europe and North America ranging from Germany, Sweden, and France to U.S.A and Canada. These governments foster, as well as motivate individuals to make us

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