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Triumphant Success: Lithtech Energy Partners with Sunion to Shine at The 2023 US International Solar Expo RE+ in Las Vegas, Embarking on a Bright New Journey!

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12th-14th Sept. , Lithtech Energy, in partnership with Sunion, made a grand appearance at The 2023 US International Solar Expo RE+ held at the Venetian Convention Center in Las Vegas.


The U.S. International Solar Expo is a major event dedicated to promoting solar energy products and advancing the solar energy industry in the United States. It stands as one of the most successful and influential international exhibitions in the industry. This exhibition brings together various aspects of the solar energy sector, showcasing the latest solar technologies and products from manufacturers, including solar panels, inverters, energy storage systems, intelligent energy management solutions, and more. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness, each company presents its robust solutions in the fields of renewable and clean energy, contributing to the concept of a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Lithtech's featured product at the event is their brand-new home energy storage solution, the TR5000WX. When compared to the traditional models, TR4000WX and TR6000WX, the TR5000WX boasts a battery capacity that better aligns with market demands at 51.2V 150Ah, providing 7.68kWh of energy. This capacity is sufficient to meet the average daily power consumption needs of households in Europe and the United States, and it offers a more competitive price-performance ratio compared to similar products on the market.

The TR5000WX supports super-fast charging in as little as 1 hour and is compatible with most mainstream inverter models available in the market. It features built-in battery balancing, fault alarms, temperature monitoring, and, when paired with an inverter, can enable remote monitoring and intelligent shutdown. With an IP67 waterproof rating, it meets the essential requirements for users looking to install wall-mounted energy storage systems outdoors. Furthermore, the product has already received UL1973 certification.

In addition to their home energy storage systems, Lithtech has garnered significant attention and inquiries from attendees regarding their commercial energy storage solutions, recreational vehicle power solutions, and micro-power solutions.


In addition, this exhibition marks Sunion's official debut as the domestic brand of Lithtech in the United States.

Sunion takes its name from the sun, symbolizing the source of light and energy. The sun is the fundamental source of life on Earth, providing endless energy and vitality to our planet. As the domestic brand of Lithtech Energy in the United States, Sunion embodies the power and radiance of the sun, committed to providing clean and reliable power solutions for commercial and industrial energy storage, recreational vehicles, and home energy storage.

Sunion is not just an energy company; it is a one-stop power solution provider. Our goal is to offer simple, efficient, and sustainable power supply solutions for businesses, homes, and recreational vehicles. Whether you seek independent and efficient energy systems or a stable power supply during unpredictable times, Sunion can meet your needs.

In the future, Sunion will work alongside Lithtech to shape a cleaner and more sustainable future. We believe that the light of the sun is the key to achieving this goal, and Sunion is at the forefront of leading this transformation. We are dedicated to advancing renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and leaving a greener planet for the next generation.


The three-day exhibition has concluded successfully, but the story of Sunion and Lithtech is just beginning. In the future, Sunion and Lithtech will work together to provide reliable, high-quality energy products to global users through continuous technological innovation and excellent customer service. As the most trusted integrated strategic partners in energy storage solutions, we are committed to improving human life and contributing to a cleaner planet. Our journey has just started, and we are determined to make a significant impact!

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