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The Benefits of Custom Golf Cart Battery Packs

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The Benefits of Custom Golf Cart Battery Packs

- Replacing bulky and low cycle lead-acid batteries, using the latest lithium iron phosphate materials to make your golf cart battery pack, is a new trend in the industry.

- Can maximize the performance of your cart. Because lead-acid batteries are lighter and have a higher energy density than lithium iron phosphate batteries, you can easily equip your golf cart with a more powerful lithium iron battery pack without changing the appearance of the battery compartment. Because you can directly put the new battery in, according to past experience, if you replace the original lead-acid battery with a lithium battery, the battery life can be increased by 10%-20%, and the weight can be reduced by about 20%

- Can get your golf cart back to full performance, no need to spend more money on a new golf cart, the current one is just fine

-For golf clubs, you can customize your exclusive brand battery, improve your brand supply chain, and provide your user group with reliable, safe and powerful golf cart battery packs.

-Customize exclusive functions for your golf cart, bluetooth, display, weak switch, active balance, statistics, remote control, heating function, etc.

- Customize your own LOGO, label, silk screen, and design your golf cart battery pack according to the size and terminal you need

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