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Lithtech 768V 280Ah HV Battery Pack Commercial Energy Storage LFP Battery

Lithtech TI215 is not only equipped with a top-level battery management system (BMS) to ensure stable performance and safety, but also provides long-term and efficient energy supply through its high-capacity design.

The high voltage output design makes it ideal for large-scale energy storage needs. Whether it is power supply stability, peak load reduction, or integration with renewable energy systems, the TI215 provides excellent performance and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Ideal for outdoor installations and applications. Whether you are looking for enterprise-level energy solutions or reliable support for large-scale energy projects, TI215 is your ideal choice.
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industrial ESS

Model Voltage Capacity Dimension Max Discharge Energy Weight Operating Temp Cycle
TI100 460.8V 230Ah 2400*1260*2350 375A(150kw) 100kWh 2135KG -20℃-60℃ 5000 times
TI215 768V 280Ah 1360*1260*2300 215.04A(150kw) 215.04kWh 2250KG -20℃-60℃ 5000 times

PV panel and container

Seamlessly Integrated for Efficiency

Our Commerce-Industry ESS features an integrated design combining battery modules, water cooling units, and high-pressure boxes with a fire system. This modular approach simplifies installation, saving up to 20% on setup time without compromising on safety or performance.

Advanced Multi-Level Security

Safety is paramount. Our systems include multi-level security designs with replaceable gas detection and explosion-proof exhaust to ensure robust protection against any anomalies.

Sophisticated Thermal Management

Each cell within our battery packs benefits from a dedicated air-cooling/liquid-cooling system, maintaining optimal temperatures that bolster performance and extend lifecycle.

Adaptive Operating Modes for Dynamic Use

Tailored to meet diverse operational demands, our ESS offers various modes, including peak-valley arbitrage, energy time-shifting, and supports new energy distribution and storage, alongside power auxiliary services.

Intelligent Platform Integration

Empower your management capabilities with our intelligent platform that supports remote monitoring and operation. It's designed for seamless integration with web and APP interfaces, providing cloud-based control for your ESS solutions.

ESS protection

Active Safety System: Triple-Layered Protection for the Heart of Your Energy Storage

Safety isn't just a feature; it's the foundation of our TI215 high-voltage commercial energy storage battery system. Our active safety system incorporates a triple-layered defense mechanism to ensure maximum protection at the heart of your energy supply under any circumstances.

  • Pack-Level Fire Extinguishing Module:

  • Each battery pack is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing device that promptly responds to abnormal temperature rises, preventing fire incidents and their potential spread within the unit.

  • System-Level Perfluorohexanone Fire Extinguishing Module:

  • The entire system is safeguarded by efficient perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing modules, installed in individual compartments within the standard outdoor cabinet, offering an added layer of safety for the entire system.

  • Thermal Runaway Active Defense:

  • Our advanced Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors for thermal runaway conditions, automatically initiating countermeasures to protect the batteries from damage while ensuring the safety of your equipment and personnel.

  • Three-Level Active Fire Defense Protection:

  • The battery compartment of the standard outdoor cabinet is designed to be fitted with a spare fire protection interface, providing robust defense in extreme scenarios to ensure uninterrupted operation of your business.

Safety is at the core of our design philosophy, with every aspect of the TI215 undergoing rigorous safety testing and optimization, guaranteeing that while it delivers exceptional performance, your facilities and personnel are protected at the highest level.


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