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About the cell Grade, A,B,C , what should we know?

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We often hear A, B, and C cells, it seems that this is related to the quality of the battery core, so what do these mean? Today, let us discuss together:

What is a grade A cell?

A and batteries can be understood as the grade screening of cell manufacturers when producing batteries. Due to some unavoidable errors, it is impossible for all cells to maintain consistent properties after production. Therefore, the quality inspector will conduct inspections one by one in a batch of batteries. The weight, capacity, internal resistance, thickness and other parameters of the cell are measured and counted through computer control.

Therefore, when all the parameters fully meet the factory parameters, then the products with all the parameters meeting the standards are called A-level cells.

Unfortunately, as countries all over the world are vigorously developing the new energy vehicle market, the batteries needed for electric vehicles are mainly A-level cells, so the supply of batteries of this quality is in short supply. Therefore, it is difficult to directly purchase A-grade batteries in the market.

What is a B-grade cell?

Regardless of any factory and production line, it is impossible for all products to fully meet the requirements, and defective products will be produced. Different factories have different defective rates, which reflect the strength and competitiveness of a factory. From the perspective of the industry, compared with the second- and third-tier small factories, there is not a big gap in terms of technology, composition and process. The key is that different manufacturers have different defect rates. Many first-line manufacturers such as CATL, GOTION, etc. have a defective rate of about 2%. But the defective rate of all other second- and third-tier manufacturers may reach 5%-10%.

It is worth noting that the quality of B-grade cells is not bad, but only the capacity. The internal resistance may be slightly different, or the size may not meet the order requirements. As for the product performance, there is no problem at all, and the price is often higher than A-grade cells. Cheap. At the same time, even if it is a grade A cell, if it is stored in the warehouse for a long time after the production is completed, compared with the freshly produced cells after 4-6 months, we habitually call it a B grade cell.

What is a C-level cell?

C-level cells are different from B-level cells. The B-level cells we mentioned earlier have no performance problems, but some sizes or capacities do not meet the rated requirements. But Grade C batteries may fall short in several respects at the same time, below the standards of Grade A and B batteries. Whether it is from charge and discharge C-Rate, or internal resistance, etc. Cells of this level are truly defective.

It is worth noting that since the performance of the cell will change with the storage time, the performance will start to decline when it is stored for a long time. Whether it is self-discharge, dust, including physical and chemical changes in the electrolyte. The appearance of some C-grade cells may be slightly bulging, and compared with A-grade and B-grade cells, C-grade cells are often not very durable, and their performance will decline quickly after multiple charges.

How to choose batteries? And how to identify which grade of cell you are buying?

The easiest way to distinguish different grades of batteries is to find your cell supplier to provide the original battery test report. These reports generally have detailed data, which should include cell voltage, internal resistance, capacity, and cell QR code identifier. If all the information is complete, then these cells belong to A-level cells, otherwise, there is a high probability that they belong to B-level cells. cell, these batteries are usually recycled from electric vehicles, but the color is relatively new, but generally this kind of battery will be regarded as a B-grade battery.

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